Cartoon illustration of a man with unwanted gas coming out of his mouth.


Gas can seem trivial if you only experience mild symptoms. But for many, gas is a persistent problem. That’s why there’s Gas-X.

Cartoon illustration of a man holding his stomach

The most common symptoms of
gas & bloating are pretty easy to spot

Voluntary or involuntary passing of gas through eructation or flatulence. This is one of the big reasons people seek gas relief. Unintentional gas release can be very inconvenient, awkward, or even embarrassing. It’s a distressing taboo that causes anxiety in sufferers, which can actually induce more gas from excessive breathing.

Sharp abdominal pressure and cramping from too much gas stuck in your stomach or intestines.

Bloating, due to gas building up in your stomach and causing it to expand.

It’s important to be aware of the severity of your symptoms. Gas can be intensely uncomfortable. It can also be easily confused for other, more serious conditions. If these symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.