Box of Gas-X ultra strength softgels

Gas-X Gets Gas

Gas-X is proven to get you relief, fast. Which is a good thing — because it’s never a good time for gas.

About Gas-X

Gas-X works with your body to help relieve gas. It can be used for the relief of pressure, bloating, and fullness commonly referred to as gas. If you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or nursing, consult your physician before taking any medication. Gas-X products are available in both softgels and chewables.

How it works

In short, Gas-X targets the gas bubbles in your stomach and breaks them down so your body can eliminate gas properly.

Where the gas comes from

Gas is natural and healthy. Which is why you pass it around 13 times a day. But where does it all come from?


You have trillions of helpful bacteria living in your intestinal tract. They help you digest food and convert it into energy and waste. But foods high in indigestible fiber and complex carbohydrates – like beans, broccoli, and cauliflower – are difficult to fully break down. The result is buildup that leads to gas and bloating.


Normally, you pass that gas in little bits throughout your day. But sometimes, that gas gets stuck. As more and more of it builds up you feel pressure, discomfort, and bloating.

How Gas-X takes on gas

Some people think antacids can get rid of that gas. Not true. Antacids neutralize stomach acid. They do nothing for gas. If they did, they’d be called ant-gas-ids, not antacids.


Gas-X relieves your symptoms, fast.


The active ingredient in Gas-X is simethicone, an anti-foaming agent that helps reduce the buildup of intestinal and stomach gases that cause bloating and discomfort. When taken orally, this molecule weakens the surface tension of trapped gas bubbles causing them to break apart and provide fast relief.



  • Gas-X relieves the pressure, abdominal bloating, and discomfort commonly referred to as gas.

  • Gas-X works with your body to help relieve gas. Gas-X uses simethicone – an over-the-counter ingredient for fast gas relief – to break up gas bubbles in your stomach and intestines. Once this trapped gas is broken down, your body can then deal with the gas naturally.



Other questions

  • No. While some symptoms of gas can mimic heartburn — like discomfort after eating — antacids don’t relieve gas. They have a different active ingredient (eg. calcium carbonate) that neutralizes the stomach acids coming into contact with your esophagus, rather than the buildup of gas in your digestive tract.

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